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St George Stalybridge - Family History

The Burial Registers and the Memorial Inscriptions for both Old and New St George, were transcribed by Mr George Clark of Stalybridge in approximately 2005-8, and have since been updated by vicars of the Parish.

We are currently doing a major review and update of all the records, together with a search index across the documents for both Old and New St. George, which should assist with research into family history.

This is currently a 'work in progress' and at the moment we will update individual documents on the website as they are completed.

Currently the search index ('burials index' on the left) contains the register information and we are now expanding this to incorporate Memorial information (information and other family members mentionned on gravestones).  The memorial documents themselves however are below.  In order to search for a particular name or grave, we recommend using the search index first to identify the register entries, then you will be able to come back to this page.

Each Burial Register also has its own surname index which shows the entry numbers for each name.

You may also find useful the links below to 'Other external resources'.  Please note external resources may not provide all of our current records, or they may differ.

For Old St George

(Note records in these documents marked * have an entry in the memorial Inscription file.  Also please note records have been lost for the period 1/2/1846 to 26/7/1850, however there are these additional entries at the end of the Memorial Inscriptions which refer to dates in that period.)

O1 Burials-1777-1812

O2 Burials-1813-1865

O3 Burials-1865-1968

Memorial Inscriptions

For New St George

(Note the dates overlap for N3 and N4, but the records are not duplicated.)

N1 Burials-1846-1901

N2 Burials-1901-1956

N3 Burials-1956-2007

N4 Burials-from 2002

New St George's Cemetery plan

New St George's Garden of Remembrance plan

Aerial view of cemetery via Google Earth

New St George's Headstone Photos

New St George's Memorial Inscriptions

South West(White) zone

South East (Blue) zone

North West(Green) zone

North East (Yellow) zone

 - Rows R1 to R12

 - Rows R14 to R37 & Garden of Remembrance

 - Rows RB4 to RB20

 - Rows RB23 to RB35

Surname Index of MI's for people buried elsewhere

War graves and Memorial Inscriptions

Other external resources

Lancashire Online Parish Clerks (Old St George)

Lancashire Online Parish Clerks (New St George)

Cheshire Births, Deaths, Marriages (Old/New St George)


Many of the above documents are in pdf format and you may need a pdf reader such as Adobe Reader, which is available here. Most modern web browsers can preview the files.

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