Development Plan




The interior is fine but St George's building needs a lot of work to the external fabric. The recent architect's report specifically points out the need to re-point the whole of the outside of the Church, replace the gutters and carry out other repairs before the next inspection in five year's time.

It is envisaged that the total cost of these repairs could be as much as £250,000.

We have formed a St George's Church Development Group whose job it will be to apply for grants and raise money for a Development Fund. The fund was kicked off with a generous donation of $1,000 from a former member of St George's now living in the USA. It is envisaged that there will be a number of fundraising activities with different people taking responsibility to coordinate them

St George's has served its local community since 1840 and we want to continue to do so in the future. In 1976 the Church was adapted to create rooms for community use. The Development Group will be looking at how to extend our use of the building, especially in the daytime.

We are preparing a 'Statement of Need' using data collected to establish the kind of facitlites and activities that are needed in the area so that we can offer a long term sustainable community service.

How do you think St George's could be used more fully? Let's have your ideas


Many smaller projects have been completed over the last few years, financed by a combination of grants and the generosity of our Congregation and friends :-

Purchased a "sit-on" lawn mower to help maintain the graveyard.                 






Created a "Garden of Remembrance" for internment of ashes,

located next to the south gate.                             






Replaced the ceiling-mounted church lights with new low energy lights

which allowed us to insulate the roof cavity, so to conserve heat.

Replaced the 39 year old boiler with a pair of high-output condensation

boilers, giving us a better control of our heating.

The combination of roof insulation plus new boiler system has reduced

our gas consumption by about 30%


Relaid the main west path to make a safer and more attractive entrance into church


Then in 2016 we started the major building projects with the renovation of the south side of our church and gutters ( as seen here ), funded with the help of a grant from the 'Listed Places of Worship' fund, and many generous donations from members of the congregation.