Child Protection Policy




             This statement was agreed at the Parochial Church Council meeting
             held on 20th June and 11th July 2000; and subsequently                  
re-approved in March 2017

The policy sets out that the Parish Church of St George's will ensure, that every precaution is taken to care, nurture, and protect children, young people and vulnerable adults in our care, or receiving services provided by us.

It is based on the Children's Act Home Office "Safe From Harm" guide lines, and procedures published by the Diocese of Manchester, and the Uniform Organisations.

1 Our aims are to promote good practice in the protection of children, young people and vulnerable people.

2 It is the responsibility of each one of us to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children, young people, and vulnerable adults and to report any abuse suspected, or discovered.

3 We recognise that our work with children, young people, and vulnerable people is the responsibility of the whole church.

4 We are committed to supporting, resourcing, and training all who are paid personnel or volunteers, based at St. George's.

5 All who work with children, and young people must know the recommendations, and undertake to observe them. All must have access to the parish agreed good policies/and good practice guide lines.

6 As recommended, the Parochial Church Council should elect a Child Protection Co-ordinator. As at March 2017 this is Mrs Rose Hayward and her Deputy is Mrs Gillian Cotton


CHILDREN are defined as children, and young people aged under 18 years.

VULNERABLE PEOPLE are regarded as those who are elderly and frail (especially if they live alone), have learning difficulties, have mental health problems, or in the judgement of the incumbent, appear less than fully self sufficient.

This policy will be reviewed each year at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting