Cemetery Surname Index

The associated alphabetic index has been compiled from New St. George's burial registers together with results of a survey of all gravestones in the church yard.

Although the church was concecrated on the 24th of June 1840, the first record in the burial register is not until the 1st of December 1846. There are however three memorial inscriptions refering to dates in August 1842, June 1843 and March 1846, although these are all on grave stones where the principle name on the grave is of a late date. There are also several names in the index which have no associated burial record and these may have been added to the grave stone as a memorial record.


Please note the data in this index is currently being updated.  We are aware that it contains several omissions and errors.  Furthermore, it does not include Old St. George, or anything post-2019.  We will be providing more complete listings in the near future.


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